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  • Bridges to Kindergarten - Math...It's More Than Counting

    Families with young children want them to have the best possible start when they enter kindergarten. Just as our schools need to be ready for the children, the children need to be ready for school. Join us for a fun, informational session to learn about the expectations for kindergarteners and what you can do at home to help your child be “school ready” in 2018.In our third Bridges to Kindergarten event, Parents and their preschooler will learn fun and creative ways to develop math skills through games, art, music and movement.  We will also provide fun and practical ideas that parents can use at home to build the math skills your child needs as they get ready for Kindergarten.  This will be the final Bridges opportunity for children and their parents to meet some of the Kindergarten teachers and become familiar with their classrooms.  ON-LINE REGISTRATION WILL END APPROXIMATELY 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  
  • What to Expect the Year Before Kindergarten

    Do you have a child that will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2019?  If so, the Proctor/Hermantown Early Childhood Program wants to partner with you in preparing your child for Kindergarten!  Just as the preschool years represent a time of great cognitive and behavioral growth, they likewise constitute a period of "blossoming" within the brain with many of the most dynamic and elaborative developmental changes taking place.  The experiences, relationships and opportunities that you provide your child now will support this development.This evening session will provide activities for parents and children that will support the skills children need to succeed in school including language and literacy, mathematical thinking and personal and social skills.  Information and ideas on how parents can support their child's learning at home will also be offered.  Children will have the opportunity to explore early childhood classrooms and enjoy a snack while parents meet with early childhood teachers who will share valuable information on the development of social and academic skills in preschool.ON-LINE REGISTRATION WILL END APPROXIMATELY 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.