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  • Hawks Camp: Art Class

    Art (K-6)Join in the fun & sign-up for Artclass! We will be constructing colorful spinners, newspaper sharks, re-creating the color wheel, learning about amazing artists, drawing, and designing unique works of art. We will be using a variety of art mediums, and you will be encouraged to let your creativity flow as you have fun constructing a variety of projects to take home, including your very own art portfolio!Additional Fee:$10Taught by Sara Remington
  • Hawks Camp: LEGO Engineering

    Lego Engineering(Designed for grades 1-3)Introduce your student to the wonderful world of robotics and engineering with the creative LEGO® system. Students will build several different models that feature working motors and sensors.What will your child learn in LEGO Engineering? They will learn to program their models. They will learn about simple machines like gears, pulleys, levers, and inclined planes. They will learn to measure, estimate and make educated guesses. They will test their creations and form new ideas – the key to the engineering process – build, test and revise. We will guide students through each build and help them test their creations. Once the build is complete, our teachers will present new challenges to the team where they will have to develop a solution. Students will work in teams of two. This is a perfect starter class for students that have never experienced working with LEGO robotics kits. Taught by: Megan Johnson/Mr. Wojciuk